TIMPANO é um estúdio de Audio Design que cria podcasts, realiza pós produção sonora e possui um selo musical.
Em sua identidade visual conseguimos transmitir a vanguarda dos serviços oferecidos nos inspirando na época de ascensão dos equipamentos sonoros, por volta dos anos 70.


TIMPANO is an Audio Design studio that creates podcasts, performs sound post production and has a music label.In their branding, we managed to convey the vanguard of their expertise, searching inspiration at the time of the rise of sound equipment, around the 70’s.As they offer a relatively new service on the market, there was a need for a direct reading of the character of the business in its brand, clearly. In addition, many of the equipment that studio professionals use are black or dark. Therefore, we propose to create a contrast to these, with a strong shade of orange.We also developed the website, which featured several animations, in which we merged elements from the 70s avant-garde with more current ones.

Fernanda Molinaro // graphic designer based in São Paulo – BRAZIL